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  1. Nature of Business Example Regular Process: For example, A person is running a restaurant business. So, he will do all the activities regularly daily. He can not do a task at once for a lifetime. He will need to cook food daily for running his business. Risk: For example, He cooks food but not ableRead more

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    Essential Characteristics of Management are given below Management is Goal-oriented: Managers are setting up the goals and all the subordinates need to follow the instruction and achieved the goal. Management is a Continuous Process: All the function of management is never-ending. for example planniRead more

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  3. The goal of Employee Selection To Increase productivity and profit:  To sustain business in the market: For the growth of the business: To increase the Production of goods: To get the best human resource available: To Reduce the employee turnover rate:

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  4. The distribution channel refers to the path or route through product moves from producer to final customer. Functions of Distribution Channels Movement Of Goods: The place of production and consumption of products is not the same so, the movement of products to their ultimate customers is very necesRead more

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  5. Trading Procedure at Stock Exchange Selection of a Broker: Selecting the broker is the first step, A broker is an individual or firm who will buy/sell securities on behalf of the investor. Opening Demat Account with Depository: After that broker opens a Demat account for You. A Demat Account or DemaRead more

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  6. Scope of Statistics are given below Used In Business: scope of statistics plays a key role in the well-functioning of business organizations. Used In Economics: Economics and statistics are two interrelated terms and are used with one another. The two terms can’t be separated from each other. Used IRead more

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  7. characteristics of production management are given below. Achievement of Organizations Goals and Objectives It Increases Goodwill and Reputations Improvement in Profit Helps to Boost Economy Increase Motivational Level of the Employees read the full article at characteristics of production managemenRead more

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